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Monmouth County Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog bite can be a traumatic event that can cause significant injury in some circumstances.  If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog in Monmouth County call our Monmouth County dog bite lawyers.  Our Monmouth County personal injury attorneys represent individuals who suffer Monmouth County dog bite injuries.


Filing A Dog Bite Case

A Monmouth county dog bite case is filed in the Monmouth County Superior Court which is located at 71 Monument Street in Freehold New Jersey.  Dog bite cases are typically filed in the law division.  In New Jersey, a dog bite case must be filed within two years of the incident.  However, it is often critical to begin any relevant investigations and begin to gather information right after a dog bite occurs.  Waiting until the two-year period is about to expire can lead to loss of evidence and or difficulty finding witnesses.


Proving A Dog Bite Case

Ordinarily, in order to prove a negligence case, the injured individual must prove that the defendant had a legal duty, they breached that duty and as a result of the breach of the legal duty they caused damages.  However, when an individual is bit by a dog in the state of New Jersey, they are not held to the same negligence standard that applies to most injury related cases which are filed in the courts of this state.  Under New Jersey law, the owner of a dog is strictly liable for the injuries which occur as a result of a dog bite.  This means that in order to hold the owner of a dog liable for the injuries the dog causes, the injured person will not have to prove that the owner knew the dog was likely to bite someone.  In other words, the injured individual will not be forced to prove a theory of negligence against the dog’s owner and or legally responsible party.  All the injured individual will need to prove is that the specific individual owned the dog or is the person who is legally responsible for the dog and the dog caused injury.  Of course, the injured person must still demonstrate the extent of their injuries through experts and or treating doctors as well as any economic losses which are applicable.


Value Of A Dog Bite Case

The ultimate value of a dog bite case will largely depend upon the extend of the dog bite injuries and the economic losses.  With more significant and severe injuries the value is much higher when compared with minor injuries.  However, it is critical to properly document all scaring and or injuries when determining the value of a dog bite injury.


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