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When you have been injured in an accident in NJ, your life is inevitably turned upside down. At this critical moment in time, you need an experienced team of New Jersey personal injury lawyers who will aggressively advocate for the compensation you deserve.

Being injured in an accident affects more than just your physical self. The damage to your body is reflected in many other aspects of your life, personally, financially, and emotionally. Your job may be impacted, both now and for many years to come. Your loved ones will likely feel the effects of your serious injuries and the losses extend far beyond what you could have imagined. Suffering any injury can be traumatic – but when someone else’s negligence results in this level of harm to you and those you love? You deserve justice. And you need an attorney who will fight your personal injury case to win.

We Can Help Law is a team of highly skilled New Jersey personal injury lawyers driven by a commitment to personalized representation and obtaining maximum compensation for accident injury victims and their families. We operate on the fundamental principle that you and your case deserve personal attention and we refuse to allow your needs to fall through the cracks, as they often do in larger firms. Your accident, whether it be an auto accident, slip and fall case, dog bite incident, motorcycle accident, or another event that resulted in your injuries, should be handled with the utmost care and dedication. That is what you will find at our firm.

Why Our NJ Injury Lawyers are the Team You Want on Your Side

Our experience as zealous trial lawyers and strategic negotiators has helped us achieve significant sums in verdicts and settlements for clients in a vast array of complex injury cases.

Our attorneys have been involved in high stakes, high profile cases that garnered both local and national media attention. With clients including fellow professionals, celebrities, politicians and sports figures, we have earned a reputation as the lawyers you can count on to handle the most sensitive and significant legal matters. Members of our team have also been recognized as leaders in their profession, having been honored by Superlawyers Magazine and other notable publications. We have also been called upon to lecture at law schools and legal seminars, using or knowledge and experience to further the education of legal minds young and old.

With decades of combined experience, millions of dollars in civil recoveries and a long-established track record of success, our attorneys are ready and willing to help when you need it most. We approach your case from the moment we become involved as if it is our own. You are not a faceless victim and we are here to make your life as easy as we can during this extremely stressful time.

How we will Handle Your Accident Claim in New Jersey

When you enlist our firm, we take on all of the costs associated with carrying out your injury claim. You have enough to handle with mounting medical bills, missed paychecks, and the other crippling costs you are subject to after an accident. We will immediately launch an investigation into your accident to identify any and all liable parties, assembling all of the evidence we will need to establish who is at fault and hold them accountable.

We will handle the overwhelming process of dealing with insurance companies and refuse to back down in the face of their often intimidating organizations. Our lawyers are committed to recovering the highest possible amount on your behalf, including monetary damages for your physical injuries, medical expenses, rehabilitative treatment, ongoing medical care, emotional distress, loss of income, and pain and suffering. If the insurance company refuses to cooperate and will not agree to a desirable settlement, we are thoroughly prepared to take your case to trial.

After sustaining injuries in an accident, the burden placed on you is far too high. Let us take on some of the weight off your shoulders, fighting the legal battles while you focus on taking care of yourself. If you or someone you love has been injured due to the negligence of another person or organization in New Jersey, we can help. Call us today for an absolutely free consultation. An experienced personal injury attorney is available to listen to the circumstances of your specific case, answer all of your questions, and discuss how we can assist with your claim.

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Practice Areas

We provide the following legal services throughout New Jersey

Car Accidents

Our Monmouth County car accident attorneys represent individuals who have been involved in car accidents throughout the county.

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Truck Accidents

In some instances, truck accidents may give rise to different types of claims compared to an ordinary motor vehicle accident.

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Motorcycle Accidents

If you or someone you love has suffered as a result of a motorcycle accident, contact our New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Attorneys.

Read More

Pedestrian Accidents

In New Jersey, there are specific motor vehicle laws, which regulate the duties and obligations of both drivers and pedestrians.

Read More

Cyclist Accidents

If a bicycle accident results from a collision with a motor vehicle, the individual who was operating the motor vehicle may have some responsibility.

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Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and falls accidents can cause serious injuries and alter people’s lives. Slip and fall accidents happen for a variety of reasons.

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Dog Bite Injuries

The most common type of injuries from a dog bite is a puncture wound. A puncture wound occurs from the sharp jagged teeth of a dog.

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We Fight For Our Clients

Michael S. Noonan, Esq.

Michael S. Noonan, Esq.



Mr. Noonan’s practice is devoted to personal injury litigation.

In Mr. Noonan’s civil practice, he has secured numerous six-figure recoveries on behalf of clients who were injured due to the negligence of another. His personal injury practice encompasses unsafe property conditions, slip and fall accidents, car accidents and product liability matters.

Area of Practice

Slip and Fall Accidents, Car Accidents, Premises Liability, Criminal Defense, Municipal Defense

We Do Not Give Up

Charles F. Clark, Jr.

Charles F. Clark, Jr.

Founding Partner, JR

Charles Clark is a graduate of Rutgers College and the University of Miami School of Law.

Upon joining the Family section (Juvenile crime/Domestic violence) of the Prosecutor’s office in 1996, Mr. Clark handled hundreds of juvenile cases ranging from drug charges to first degree Armed Robberies and Aggravated Sexual Assaults.

Mr. Clark not only successfully represented the State at trial on many of these juvenile cases, but he also tried a number of domestic violence restraining order violation cases and the related weapons forfeiture cases before graduating to the felony trial division.

Area of Practice

Criminal Law; State, Federal and Municipal criminal cases.

We Do Not Back Down

Ryan J. Clark, Esq.

Ryan J. Clark, Esq.



Ryan J. Clark is an experienced trial lawyer who specializes in civil, criminal and family litigation.

He has successfully handled personal injury matters where he has achieved significant recoveries on behalf of his clients. Additionally, he has he has achieved not guilty verdicts and dismissals on behalf of countless clients in his criminal practice.

Mr. Clark not only draws on his extensive experience in private practice, but also on his experience as a prosecutor for the District Attorney of Queens County in New York City.

Area of Practice

Slip and Fall Accidents, Car Accidents, Premises Liability, Criminal Defense, Municipal Defense

We Answer Questions About

Personal Injury Lawsuits

  • In a personal injury lawsuit in New Jersey, you may be able to recover money through verdict or settlement in the form of damages. Compensation can fall into three categories: economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.
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  • A personal injury complaint is the initial document filed by the injured person or the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit. The complaint must be answered by the defendant or defendants with a legal document known as an answer.
    read more

  • In New Jersey, if an individual is injured while they are on the job within the scope of their employment, in most circumstances that individual will have a workers compensation claim.
    read more

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  • M. S.

    Ryan, Mike and Charlie are true professionals. If you ever need help and we all will at some point in our lives, Clark & Clark should be your first call. The team will guide you through the process step by step. Never have I felt more comfortable and in capable hands. No longer should you face the justice system alone. If you want the best possible outcome for you or a loved one, don’t hesitate and call them immediately they won’t let you down.

  • Michael Rose

    I have been fortunate enough to get to know Michael Noonan as a friend and colleague over the last 10 years. There is no one I trust more to represent the interests of myself or my family. If you are in need of an attorney who will fight for everything you deserve than you should look no further.

  • Michael Pattanite

    Michael Noonan and the attorneys at Clark and Clark are the very best in terms of personalized representation. As an attorney, I understand the value of having an advocate that you can trust and who will vigorously defend your interests. I highly recommend Michael Noonan and his partners.

  • Deanna Zito

    Michael Noonan was an absolute pleasure to work with. He handled my case with professionalism and care. Mr. Noonan even went above and beyond to assist in a matter that was unrelated to my case. I would work with him again in a heart beat!

  • Jessica Green

    These guys took very good care of me when I had my litigation. Very professional. Would recommend.

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