Floods Devastate Brick Seniors         

August 21, 2018
by We can Help Law

Flooding hit Brick New Jersey hard last week as many seniors who are living in Brick had their homes flooded.  After very intense rain hit New Jersey, residence in Greenbriar, a community in Brick was extensively flooded which caused significant damage to their homes.


The homes in Greenbriar have never been considered by the state to be in a flood zone.  Additionally, it has been reported by the Asbury Park Press that the homes were in a location that had not suffered previous issues from flooding.


Governor Phil Murphy visited seniors and vowed to help anyway he can.  He advised the residence to document all of their losses but was unable to specifically state whether they would be eligible for federal relief monies through the Federal Emergency Management Agency. (FEMA). Governor Murphy did declare a state of emergency after the flooding.  Brick public work crews have been on hand to help when needed.  The crews are continuing to remove debris and garbage.  Brick police are also present to protect residence and their belongings.  Governor Murphy and Brick Mayor Ducey urged residences to use caution when selecting contractors to help rebuild.  They suggested checking with the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs to find information on contractors before hiring them.


Flood insurance in New Jersey is not insurance that is carried by most homeowners. It is unlikely that a New Jersey homeowner who does not live in a flood zone would carry flood insurance.  Mostly all homeowners carry homeowner’s insurance which covers losses to the home from fire, wind or other accidental damage.  However, almost all homeowner’s insurance policies have exclusions for damage from flooding.


The exact wording of a homeowner’s insurance policy and whether the policy does have coverage for flood damage is very fact specific and depends upon the specific policy.


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