Depending upon the specific type of damage which occurs to a home, homeowners insurance may cover damage which results from a hurricane or a tropical storm.  The exact language of the homeowners insurance policy will have to be reviewed by an attorney before a specific legal determination regarding what the policy covers can be made. […]

A new bill has been introduced to the New Jersey legislature which would prevent bill collectors from contacting hospital patients for a certain period of time after the patient leaves the hospital.  The bill was inspired by a mother who took a choking toddler to the emergency room and wound up with thousands of dollars […]

Ford has announced that it has issued a massive recall for about 2 million Ford F-150 trucks in North America.  The recall is based on a malfunction with the seat belts however the failure of the seat belts can actually cause a fire.   According to Ford, “some front seat belt pretensioners can generate excessive […]

In the waters of New Jersey, a deadly bacterium that can essentially turn into a flesh-eating infection does exist in the waters in New Jersey.  Most individuals from New Jersey now know this after a recent highly publicized case of a man contracting the infection in the Maurice River.   The bacterium is scientifically known as […]

A company based out of California called Hound Labs Inc. said that it has created a marijuana breathalyzer and that the device will soon be available.  The company claims that the device is very sensitive and picks up THC that can be potentially present on an individual’s breath.   When New Jersey legislatures consider the […]

Motorcycle accidents raise a variety of issues. In most car accidents, individuals who suffer injury will have personal injury protection benefits available to them. Personal injury protection benefits include payment of medical bills and can also include income continuation benefits if the individual who is harmed misses work. However, in a motorcycle accident, the injured person typically does […]

Reports in the media appear to suggest that the New Jersey Attorney General will announce that the way in which marijuana prosecutions are handled in municipal court will soon change.   Marijuana cases that have previously been handled in municipal court were not permitted to be downgraded based upon prosecutorial discretion.  In other words, regardless […]

In New Jersey, there are various defenses to a DWI charge.  The defenses will depend upon the specific facts and circumstances of the DWI stop and arrest, however, there are some general defenses and considerations that all individuals who are accused of DWI should consider when dealing with a DWI charge.   Challenging the Stop. […]

The New Jersey Supreme Court recently ordered that more than 300 lawsuits which accuse the drug Taxotere of causing significant side effects to be consolidated in a New Jersey class action lawsuit.   The drug has been manufactured, marketed and or distributed by Sanofi-Aventis U.S., Accord Healthcare, Sandoz, Hospira Worldwide, Pfizer, Actavis and Sun Pharmaceuticals. […]

Flooding hit Brick New Jersey hard last week as many seniors who are living in Brick had their homes flooded.  After very intense rain hit New Jersey, residence in Greenbriar, a community in Brick was extensively flooded which caused significant damage to their homes.   The homes in Greenbriar have never been considered by the […]