Who is Responsible for a Slip and Fall in New Jersey?

June 7, 2018
by We can Help Law

Responsibility, or liability for a slip and fall injury in the state of New Jersey will depend upon the various factual circumstances of the slip and fall.


Slip and Fall on Commercial Property


Under New Jersey law, the owner of a commercial property has a non-delegable duty to maintain their premises in a prudent and safe manner.  Additionally, the commercial property owner has a duty to inspect their premises in order to make sure that the premises are free from any hazards that may cause a slip and fall.  The commercial property owner must also inspect all of the adjacent sidewalks to the property to make sure that they are free from any hazards.  This duty includes the removal of snow and ice from not only the property but also from the adjacent sidewalks.


In many circumstances, commercial property owners lease their commercial properties to business or store owners.  In many of these lease agreements, there are provisions which mandate that the store owners inspect and maintain their store premises in a safe the prudent manner.  Additionally, these lease agreements may include indemnification clauses which require the store owner to pay the landowner for any damages that the landowner may be responsible for, due to an injured plaintiff.


In many circumstances, both the commercial property owner and the store owner have some responsibility for the damages caused by a slip and fall accident.  How much responsibility each one has is often the subject of mediation, arbitration and jury trials.  The amount of responsibility is also a fact specific analysis that will depend upon the specific facts and circumstances of each particular case.


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