Who is Responsible for a Slip and Fall on Ice in Monmouth County?

October 18, 2018
by We can Help Law

Under New Jersey law, the owner of a commercial property has a non-delegable duty to ensure that their property is kept in a safe manner.  Additionally, the property owner must inspect their premises to locate any potentially dangerous conditions.  One dangerous condition that a property owner must prevent from occurring is the accumulation of snow and ice.  Obviously snow and ice on a commercial property can be hazardous and can lead to significant slip and fall injuries.  If a property owner does not prevent snow and ice from occurring on their property and an individual is injured as a result, the commercial property owner may be responsible for the individual’s injuries.

Another party who may be responsible for a slip and fall on ice accident is a commercial tenant who is renting the commercial space.  Depending upon the specific facts and circumstances, a commercial tenant may be responsible for a slip and fall on ice if they through a lease or through their own specific conduct, failed to ensure that the property was in a reasonably safe condition free from snow and ice.


Depending upon the specific facts and circumstances, a snow removal contractor who was hired by either the commercial property owner or the commercial tenant may also bear some responsibility for the slip and fall on ice accident.  Obviously, the specific actions of the snow removal contractor will depend upon their specific responsibility in a slip and fall on ice accident.


Responsibility for slip and fall accidents which occur due to ice on sidewalks that are adjacent to residential homes are treated differently under New Jersey law.  A slip and fall on ice which occurs on a sidewalk that is adjacent to a residential home is not ordinarily the responsibility of the adjacent homeowner.


If you or someone you know has suffered an injury due to a slip and fall on ice, call our Monmouth County slip and fall on ice attorneys today.  Our attorneys represent individuals who have been injured as a result of a slip and fall on ice in all New Jersey counties and cities.  Our lawyers offer a free consultation and will not receive a legal fee unless we successfully recover money on your behalf.