What to Know about Insurance Companies in NJ Personal Injury Cases

December 4, 2019
by We can Help Law

Handling Insurance Companies in Personal Injury, New Jersey Lawyers Explain

Deal with insurance for accident NJ help attorneys near meAlmost all of us carry insurance in some form or another. New Jersey law requires you to carry auto insurance, most mortgages require a homeowner’s insurance policy, and some people even buy umbrella insurance policies to help cover them when their other, primary forms of insurance come up short. Unfortunately, dealing with your insurance company or another party’s insurance company can be difficult when an accident occurs and you have been injured. This can be true in the case of a car accident, a fire at your home or business, a slip and fall accident or an incident involving a dog bite. When you have suffered injury or damages due to an accident in New Jersey, it is critical to know and understand the hazards associated with dealing with insurance companies in personal injury claims.

If you or a loved one has been injured and need to pursue compensation, speaking to a an experienced personal injury lawyer about your case before deciding what to do next may be advisable. Your lawyer’s interests will be aligned with yours, and the attorney will be able to explain the process to you.  Contact us now at (732) 303-7857 for a free consultation with an attorney who can help with your NJ personal injury matter. You can also contact us online for the vital information and assistance you need now.

Role of Insurance Companies in New Jersey Personal Injury Cases

Whenever you suffer a personal injury, whether from slipping in a grocery store, being rear-ended at a stoplight while driving your car, getting bitten by a dog, or another situation, an insurance company will likely be involved in short order. Once you have reported your injury either to your insurance company (for example, in the case of an auto accident) or to another party if your injury occurs on someone else’s property, an insurance claims adjuster will be assigned your case to determine who is at fault for the accident and any resulting personal injuries. Regardless of whether a claims adjuster works for the insurance company paid by you, your company, or another person or business, they are the individual who is specifically representing you.

Insurance Adjuster’s Motivation vs. Yours after Accident in NJ

An insurance claims adjuster works for the insurance company, not specifically for you. They are not your lawyer, and they do not advocate on your behalf. A claims adjuster is simply working for the insurance company.

For instance, if your case involves a car accident, your own insurance company may raise your insurance rates if they determine that you were at fault for causing the accident. Perhaps you were speeding, distracted by your cell phone, or ran a stop sign before a collision with another vehicle. All of these may give you some liability under New Jersey Comparative Negligence law. If another party’s insurance company finds that you were at fault, they may deny or contest your claim altogether.

Getting the Settlement You Deserve for Your Injuries

Keep this in mind, insurance companies may attempt to reduce or deny settlement amounts based on a claimant’s coverage under the policy, the respective parties’ liability in contributing to the cause of the accident, the extent of the claimant’s injuries and associated needs, a pre-existing condition that the claimant may have had before the accident, or other circumstances surrounding the incident and injury that gave rise to the claim.

Offering a lower settlement amount than would likely be ordered if the case went to trial is typical when insurance companies are presented with injury claims. Moreover, they often provide a lower initial offer in the hopes that the injured person needs the and wants the money soon. Since the insurance company is well-funded and you may be overwhelmed with the costs of medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial losses from the accident, they may simply hope that you agree to a lesser payment than you may deserve. This is why having a knowledgeable legal representative pursuing your best interests may be advisable. Your lawyer can fight to maximize the amount of your settlement or payment so that you can make yourself and your family whole after an accident.

Consult a Personal Injury Attorney for Help Dealing with Insurance Companies in NJ

If you have been involved in an accident in New Jersey and have suffered injury or damages as a result, you should talk to a qualified personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. After your accident, you need someone on your side who can confront the counter-acting interests of insurance companies. The dedicated personal injury lawyers at our firm can give you sound advice, speak to insurance claims adjusters on your behalf, help you avoid the pitfalls that people often experience, and work tirelessly to get you the highest possible settlement. Call (732) 303-7857 to discuss your injury claim free of charge.