What are Interrogatories in a New Jersey Personal Injury Case?

Posted on October 31, 2018 by We Can Help Law

Pursuant to New Jersey Court Rule 4:17-1 any party in an action may serve written interrogatories related to the matters of the lawsuit on the other party.  Interrogatories are written questions that inquire about information that either party may have in regard to the subject matter of the lawsuit.


However, there are limitations on the number of interrogatories that can be sent by either party.  In all matters, including personal injury matters, wrongful death, toxic torts, professional malpractice, medical malpractice and product liability cases, the interrogatories shall be limited to those that appear in forms A, B and C of Appendix II of the court rules.  However, the court rules specifically permit either party to include an additional 10 supplemental interrogatories that seek any additional information that either party may have as it relates to the subject matter of the personal injury lawsuit.  If a party wishes to serve more interrogatories than the form interrogatories and the 10 additional supplemental interrogatories that are permitted, they must get permission from the court which is overseeing the personal injury suit.


In personal injury lawsuits either party often seeks information through the interrogatories and the supplemental interrogatories about the damages that the plaintiff has alleged or the defendant’s knowledge of the defect or unsafe condition that caused harm to the plaintiff.  Personal injury interrogatories are often done as part of various forms of discovery that is conducted throughout the litigation process. Under Court Rule 4:17-1 (b) (2) the party served with interrogatories shall serve interrogatories on the party propounding or serving them within 60 days of receiving them.  The party may seek an extension for good cause or what can be described as a sufficient legal reason.


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