Preparing a Personal Injury Case for Trial

January 26, 2022
by We can Help Law

Preparing to go to trial in a personal injury case takes multiple years and encompasses everything from investigation, discovery, preparation, and presentation.  Experience, diligence, and simply hard work are the keys to success.



Preparation for trial starts from the very beginning.  Whenever the accident happens critical information may need to be gathered and preserved.  If a car accident occurs, photos and witnesses may need to be gathered.  With a slip and fall on ice, photos of the condition are critical.  If a fall occurs in a store, putting the store on notice to preserve the video surveillance may be the most important and critical piece of evidence in the case. Sometimes when a person is injured and alone, they are unable to immediately document what caused them to be hurt.  That is why it is critical to hire an experienced firm from the beginning.  An experienced personal injury law firm will immediately deploy its investigators and use its resources to gather critical pieces of evidence, so they are not lost at trial.



Similar to the investigation, the discovery phase of a case is critical in preparing for trial.  Though discovery happens after the case is filed but before the case proceeds to trial, discovery is critical for the lawyer to gather evidence and information to use when the case eventually leads to trial.  A good trial lawyer will use the discovery phase to gather documents and evidence and take depositions of witnesses who have relevant information.  The discovery phase can also be used to take the depositions of the other party’s expert witnesses and learn what those experts know and what they will testify to if they are called at the trial.  The great trial lawyers in the United States will agree that the discovery phase of any litigation is a critically important time for gathering evidence and information to be used at trial.


Trial Preparation

After the discovery phase is complete the case typically proceeds to arbitration.  Arbitration is a court proceeding where a lawyer will render a decision as to what a specific case is worth and who is responsible.  Either party is able to reject the arbitration decision and ask for a jury trial.  If that occurs, the parties will need to begin to prepare the case for trial.  Preparing a case for trial includes reviewing and gathering the information available, gathering the documents, and determining which documents will be admitted at the trial, preparing opening, and closing arguments and the examinations of witnesses.  There are also pre-trial motions and pre-trial submissions which must be completed before the trial begins.

Trial Preparation from start to finish is an extensive process that beings as soon as the accident occurs.  Preparing for a trial in a personal injury matter takes experience.  It is critical that trial preparation and discovery are done properly to ensure that the information and evidence is known and available when the trial begins


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