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Ocean County is home to many shopping malls and commercial establishments. Under New Jersey law, a commercial or retail establishment must keep both their inside premises and adjacent sidewalks and parking lots free from any known dangers.  Additionally, these establishments must inspect their premises to ensure that dangers do not exist.  If a commercial property owner or retail establishment fails to keep their premises safe and as a result an individual is injured, the property or retail owners may be held liable for the injuries the injured person suffered.  If you or someone you know has been injured in a slip and fall accident in Ocean County, NJ, contact our experienced Toms River slip and fall lawyers for a free consultation. Our lawyers are here to help. You can reach us anytime, day or night, at (732) 303-7857.

Proving Liability for a Slip and Fall Accident

In order to prove a slip and fall case in Ocean County, the plaintiff or injured person must establish that the retail establishment or the commercial property owner knew of a dangerous condition and failed to remedy it.  Additionally, if the commercial property owner or retail establishment failed to adequately inspect and discover any hazards, they can also be held liable for any injuries which result from the failure to discover and remedy hazardous conditions.  Often times witnesses, photos of the scene and the testimony of the injured person can help establish that a dangerous condition existed.  Additionally, in some circumstances, an expert witness and or engineer may be used to discuss the dangerous condition.  An engineer is often able to explain the overall design and any other dangerous conditions which lead to the slip and fall.

The injuries that result from a slip and fall case can include, spine injuries, broken bones and in some rare circumstances death.  In order to proceed with the civil lawsuit, the plaintiff must be able to prove the extent of their physical injuries as well as any economic losses that they suffered.  Often times in a slip and fall case, the doctors who treated the plaintiff will come into court and testify about the injuries, the treatment the plaintiff received and any future medical issues that the plaintiff may have.  If the injuries are significant and will limit the plaintiff’s ability to work in the future, the plaintiff may retain an economic expert who would discuss the future economic losses of the plaintiff due to the fact that they are no longer able to work or work in the same job or field in which they worked in before the accident.

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