In New Jersey, an individual is typically strictly liable for the actions of their dog.  This means that if an individual’s dog bites another person, that individual will be liable for the injuries that the victim suffered.  If you or someone you know has been injured from a dog bite, call our Ocean County dog bite lawyers today at (732) 303-7857. Our attorneys represent individuals who have been injured by a dog bite. We provide free consultations.

Dog Bite Claims in Ocean County

In New Jersey, in most negligence actions, an individual must prove that the individual or civil defendant had a duty, breached that duty and as a result damages occurred.  Negligence is also summarized as a four-part action; duty, breach, causation and damages.  However, in New Jersey, dog bite matters are considered strict liability matters.  This means that in a dog bite matter, a plaintiff does not need to establish that the dog owner had a specific duty, knew of the duty, and specifically breached a known duty.  All the plaintiff will need to establish is that the defendant owned the dog and they will be liable or more specifically, strictly liable, for the damages that the dog caused.

However, even though dog bites are typically strict liability matters, there are circumstances where other parties who do not own the dog who bit the plaintiff may be held liable for the injuries the plaintiff suffered.  In these circumstances, the plaintiff will typically be required to demonstrate that the defendant did have a duty to the plaintiff and breached that duty by failing to prevent the dog bite and or dog .  In order to establish the person or entity had a duty and breached that specific duty, the plaintiff will likely have to show that the individual or entity had some knowledge about prior bites or attacks or some type of violent propensity of the specific dog who was involved.  This is obviously a fact specific inquiry that may require investigators and even expert witnesses.

Dog Bite injuries can vary in severity.  Individuals often times suffer puncture wounds from dog bites.  These wounds vary in degree and in some circumstances can be very severe and result in long lasting damage.  Depending on the extent of the bite and the extent of the injuries, an individual who is injured may recover significant sums of money to compensate them for their injuries and economic losses.

Dog Attack Injury Lawyers in Toms River NJ

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