Scaffolds can obviously be very dangerous. There are many serious hazards associated with scaffolds, including the way in which they are designed and used. Those who work on or around scaffolds and or scaffolding equipment are sometimes injured due to the faulty design or negligent use of a scaffold or scaffolding equipment. If you or someone you know has suffered as the result of a scaffolding accident, you should immediately contact our New Jersey scaffold accident attorneys.  Our lawyers represent workers who have been injured in scaffolding accidents in all New Jersey counties including Hudson and Monmouth and all other counties.


The essential structure of scaffolding is simple. A scaffold will include uprights which support the transoms and ledgers which are the vertical supporting pieces which support the boards of the scaffold. Though the geometrical design of a scaffold is relatively simple, if the design is not properly built and secured, devastating injuries can result.


It is widely recognized that a solid foundation to the scaffold is essential to ensure the scaffold is safe for use. To ensure a solid foundation, base plates are often used. In some rare instances, base plates may not be used on a scaffold. Some companies may choose to not use baseplates or other safety mechanisms in order to save on costs. In certain circumstances, cutting measures can lead to very serious accidents in some circumstances.  If a worker is injured because a company failed to use base plates or other safety equipment, that company may be held liable for any injuries which resulted from those safety failures.  Scaffolding companies have a duty to workers and others to ensure that they design, build, and use scaffolding equipment in the safest way possible.


There is no excuse for a scaffolding company making a conscious decision to forgo certain safety measures in order to boost profits. When a company does make the choice to put profits over people’s safety, the personal injury attorneys at our firm seek to hold those wrongdoers accountable for the injuries and deaths they cause.


The lawyers at our firm are dedicated to worker safety. Our firm fights for injured workers and their families so they are able to seek proper medical care, accommodations, and services if they are devastated by a work injury.  If you or someone you know has suffered as a result of a scaffolding accident, contact our workplace accident lawyers. Our attorneys are here to help.