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Liquor liability is a field of the law that encompasses many specific areas, but in a general sense, liquor liability deals with which party or parties should be held responsible for another person’s injury which resulted from an alcohol related accident.

According to some statistics, an American citizen is killed in a motor vehicle crash, which involves alcohol, every thirty minutes.   Additionally, statistics show that alcohol and or drunk driving is a factor in more than forty percent of the traffic fatalities which occur in this county.

Liquor Liability when Accidents Occur in New Jersey

Liquor liability can include a suit against a bar and or club owner because the employees of the bar continued to serve a patron or customer after the individual was visibly intoxicated.  Under New Jersey law, a bar and or club can be held responsible for the actions of a drunk individual, even after the drunk individual left the bar, if the bar and or club continued to serve the individual alcohol after he or she was visibly intoxicated.  In other words, bars and clubs in this state have a duty to refuse to serve an individual who is visibly intoxicated.  If the bar and or club continues to serve an individual after they are visibly intoxicated, and that individual thereafter leaves the bar and or club and hurts someone, the person who was hurt can potentially hold the bar and or club liable for the harm caused.

Additionally, even the individual who causes a drunk driving accident may have a cause of action against the bar and or club if they were also injured in the accident. The theory behind this type of suit is that the individual who was in an intoxicated state was not in the correct state of mind to understand the consequences of his or her continued drinking and therefore, the bar and or club should have been the responsible party and refrained from continuing to serve the intoxicated or drunk individual.

Liquor liability is not limited to bar and or club owners.  Parties who sell alcohol may be responsible for accidents, which occur as a result of the sale of alcohol if they do not sell the alcohol beverage in a responsible manner.  An example of such a suit would be a cause of action against a liquor store for negligently serving a minor and then the minor thereafter consuming the improperly obtained alcohol and causing a motor vehicle accident because he or she was intoxicated.

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