A ferry accident can occur for various reasons and in various different ways, however, a ferry accident typically occurs for one of two major reasons: operator error and or equipment failure.   If a ferry accident occurs because of operator error, the operator’s employee will be liable for the harm caused under a doctrine known as respondent superior.  Respondent superior is a doctrine under New Jersey law which states that an employer will be responsible for an employee’s actions if the actions occur within the scope of their employment.  Therefore, if the operator committed an error or was negligent in his or her operation of the ferry, the employer will likely be responsible for the harm caused.  If you have questions contact our New Jersey ferry accident attorneys.


Equipment failure can be another reason a ferry accident occurs.  The reason the equipment failed will largely determine which party bears responsibility for the failure and any causally related harm.  If the equipment failure was due to a manufacturing defect, the manufacture of the specific part which failed may be responsible for the failure under New Jersey’s products liability law. Under the product liability law, the manufacturer or seller of a defective part will be liable for any harm which resulted from the defective part.  If however the equipment failure was caused by the failure to maintain the equipment, then the company or the individuals who own the ferry and failed to maintain the specific equipment which failed may be responsible for any harm caused.


Individuals who are harmed in a ferry accident may potentially recover damages for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and other losses which were suffered as a result of the ferry accident. If an individual is killed in a ferry accident, that individual’s family may seek compensation pursuant to the New Jersey wrongful death act.  Under the wrongful death act, the individual’s family may recover for future lost earnings, loss of services as well as other damages the deceased individual suffered before he or she passed.


If you or someone you know has been hurt in a ferry accident, call the New Jersey personal injury attorneys at our firm.  Our New Jersey ferry accident attorneys represent individuals who have been hurt in a ferry accident in all New Jersey counties and cities including the counties of Monmouth and Middlesex as well as the cities of Red Bank, Highlands and Atlantic Highlands.


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