Legal Claims from Falls on Construction Sites

Construction site falls are a substantial hazard to construction workers and those who work on or near construction sites.  Construction workers who suffer from falls at a construction site may suffer severe and debilitating injuries.  Sometimes, construction workers may be severely burned and or suffer a head injury as a result of a construction fall. Regardless of how a construction fall happens, you or a loved one may be entitled to compensation if you have been injured. Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys represent construction workers who have been harmed due to a construction fall in counties across New Jersey, including those in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County, and Atlantic County. If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys about your construction fall case, call our office at (732) 303-7857 or click on the contact us tab.  We are here to provide you with answers in a free consultation.

Construction Site Fall Accidents & Injuries

A construction fall can occur in various different circumstances and for various reasons. Some examples of construction falls are falls from a roof, which may occur because the worker did not have proper protection, falls into a ditch, falls on a slippery surface or falls from equipment such as a ladder or scissor lift.

Because of the heavy equipment and machinery as well as the hazardous substances and materials on construction sites, falls on a construction site can lead to catastrophic injuries and even death.  Contractors, sub-contractors and the premises owners have a duty to ensure that their property and work place are safe and free from hazards which may cause a construction fall.

Sometimes, an individual who suffers from a construction fall may be entitled to workers compensation benefits.  Under New Jersey law, the injured worker who receives workers compensation benefits will be precluded from filing a lawsuit against their employer.  However, on a construction site, often times many different parties are involved.  Those parties may include a contractor, sub-contractor or a landowner.  Though one party may be paying workers compensation benefits and therefore cannot have suit filed against them, the other parties which were working on the construction site, may be sued if an investigation reveals that one of those particular parties bear responsibility for the accident which took place.

Fell on a Construction Site in NJ?

Construction falls and associated claims require factual and legal analysis, which will vary on a case-by-case basis.  It is therefore important to contact one of our New Jersey Construction accident attorneys if you or someone you know has suffered from a construction fall. Our attorneys are tireless and compassionate advocates for those who have been harmed by a construction fall. Contact us now at (732) 303-7857 for more information.