Possession of cocaine in the state of New Jersey falls under N.J.S.A. 2C: 35-10. Possession of cocaine or its analog is a serious crime in the state of New Jersey and is often a crime of the third degree. This means that a person convicted of this crime may face up to five years in a New Jersey State Prison and a fine of up to $35,000.00.


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Under New Jersey law, a person may be charged with possession of cocaine if they are in actual or constructive possession of the substance. Actual possession generally means the individual has the substance on his or her person.  Constructive possession generally means that the cocaine is not actually in the individual’s physical possession but the individual exercised dominion and control over the substance.

Regardless of whether the individual is found to be in actual of constructive possession of cocaine or another controlled dangerous substance, the state is able to move forward with third degree possession charges so long as they have evidence to establish either actual or constructive possession of the substance.

If you are charged, the attorneys at our firm are ready to raise all potential defenses to possession of cocaine charges. In some circumstances, if the cocaine was seized after the individual’s constitutional rights were violated, the attorneys at our law firm may be able to make a motion to the court and have the cocaine suppressed.  If the motion is successful, the state will not be permitted to use the cocaine, which they seized, against the accused at trial. In most instances, if the cocaine is suppressed, the case will be dismissed.

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