Dram Shop Liquor Laws for Negligent Service of Alcohol in NJ

When a motor vehicle accident occurs as the result of drunk driving, the individual operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol should be held responsible for the injuries and damages he or she causes. However, it is also possible that others also bear responsibility for the actions of a drunk driver. In the state of New Jersey, bar or tavern owners can be held responsible for injuries sustained by victims of drunk driving accidents if they allow their patrons to become obviously intoxicated within their establishments and then knowingly allow them to operate a motor vehicle. If you or someone you love has suffered as a result of a drunk driving accident, contact the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys at our firm. Call (732) 303-7857 or contact us online to discuss your potential grounds for a Dram Shop Lawsuit.

New Jersey Bar & Restaurant Liability for Injuries Caused by Intoxicated Patrons

A motor vehicle accident can often result in very serious injuries such as disfigurement, head or brain injury, spinal cord injuries, loss of limbs, road rash, or broken bones. An individual who suffers such injuries at the hands of an intoxicated driver should not have to face the medical, financial and emotional consequences alone.

In New Jersey, bar or tavern owners may be liable for injuries which result from a drunk driving accident if the employees of the establishment continued to serve an obviously intoxicated individual who then causes a motor vehicle accident. Liability in such a case depends heavily on a fact-sensitive inquiry involving the testimony of employees and patrons.  If you decide to hire our firm, our attorneys and investigators will comb through any evidence or statements which relate to the serving of alcohol to an individual who was involved in a motor vehicle accident and determine if the bar or tavern should be held responsible for the accident.

Some evidence which may be relevant can include surveillance videos, police reports, hospital records, video recordings from the accident scene or any other information surrounding the accident.  If our attorneys determine that a bar or tavern should be held liable for injuries sustained as a result of a drunk driving accident, our lawyers will aggressively pursue a claim. Our attorneys pursue tavern and bar owner liability claims throughout the state of New Jersey including claims which arise in Monmouth County.

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