Injured in a Parking Lot in Monmouth County, New Jersey

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Property Owners are Responsible for the Safety of Parking Lots in Monmouth County

In Monmouth County as in all counties throughout the state of New Jersey, a commercial property owner has a duty to keep his or her premises safe and free from any dangerous conditions.  Additionally, commercial property owners have a duty to inspect their premises to make sure that they are free from any dangerous conditions.  This duty extends to all of the parking lots which are owned or controlled by commercial establishments.

Some common parking lot hazards include significant cracks or holes in the parking lot.  These hazards can lead to very significant and debilitating injuries including broken bones, spine injuries and head injuries.

Proving a Parking Lot Injury Claim in Freehold

In order to establish that a property owner or commercial establishment is responsible for a parking lot accident, such as a parking lot trip and fall, the plaintiff must establish that the commercial property owner either knew or should have known about a defect or dangerous condition; that the commercial property owner failed to properly remedy the defective condition and as a result of that failure, the plaintiff was injured.  This can be established through photos of the hazard at the time of the accident or before the accident occurred.  Additionally, the hazard can be established through witness testimony.  Finally, in some circumstances, the liability of the commercial property owner may be shown through the expert report and testimony of an expert witness.  In many circumstances, this individual is an engineer with experience in trip and fall hazards.

Another type of parking lot accident is a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident which occurs in a parking lot.  If a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident occurs in a parking lot, liability is often established by demonstrating the driver’s failure to carefully observe the parking lot conditions and or look out for pedestrians in the parking lot.

Regardless of the specific factual circumstances of the Monmouth County parking lot accident, it is important to notify the police, assist anyone who needs medical attention and document the specific accident scene after an accident occurs.

Attorney Needed for Monmouth County Parking Lot Accident Case

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