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Monmouth County is home to many stores, businesses and employers.  In some circumstances, employees can be subjected to discrimination by way of unequal pay. In this circumstance, the employee may have grounds for an equal pay lawsuit that can be filed in the Monmouth County Superior Court, located in Freehold, New Jersey.

New Jersey Equal Pay Act

Equal pay discrimination is governed by The Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act.  This act makes it unlawful under New Jersey law for any employer to pay a female employee or member of another protected class less than other individuals who do not belong to that specific class.

The bill further mandates that any type of discriminatory pay or other discriminatory employment action will be deemed to have occurred on each occasion that certain compensation is paid in furtherance of a discriminatory act or practice.  Additionally, the bill states that a new statute of limitations will begin to run each and every time a discriminatory action occurs.

Moreover, the bill prohibits any employers from taking any type of reprisal or adverse action against an employee who discusses with or discloses to other employees, attorneys, or government agencies, information about job titles, occupational categories, rates of compensation, gender, race, ethnicity, military status, or the national origin of employees or former employees. The legislation additionally prohibits an employer from requiring, as a condition of employment, any employee or prospective employee, waive their rights under the law.  This includes prohibiting an employer from requiring that an employee or prospective employee waive or limit the statute of limitations and or ability to bring an action which falls under this law.

Any employer who is entering into a contract with the state of New Jersey will now be required to provide information in connection with this bill.  The required information will include employment information of the various employees such as job title, gender and total compensation.  Significant changes to employee pay or position may also have to be provided and or reported.

Damages for Equal Pay Claims in NJ

Damages for equal pay claims will include any economic losses that can be directly attributed to the discrimination.  Additionally, under the law, if a jury determines that equal pay discrimination has occurred, the damages will be trebled.  This means that whatever verdict the jury renders after a trial, the damages will be multiplied by three by the judge who is overseeing the trial.

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