Civil Rights Lawyers for Victims of Workplace Discrimination

Monmouth County, New Jersey is home to many businesses.  Those businesses employee many individuals who work in various capacities throughout the county.  Unfortunately, sometimes those employees are subject to discrimination in the workplace.  If you or someone you know has been subjected to workplace discrimination, call our Monmouth County discrimination attorneys at (732) 303-7857 for legal help today.  Our lawyers are here to answer all of your questions an explain your rights. We provide free consultations.

How does Employment Discrimination Occur?

Discrimination can occur in various forms.  Discrimination can occur in a failure to hire an individual.  This type of action would include the plaintiff establishing that the plaintiff belongs to a protected class, the plaintiff applied for a position which he or she was adequately qualified, the position remained open after the rejection and the employee was not hired in circumstances which would give rise to an inference of discrimination.

As stated above, discrimination can occur in many different contexts including in the hiring process and or employment actions taken after an individual is hired.  Discrimination after an individual is hired is discrimination in treatment and or privileges.  This can include a Monmouth County equal pay claim.   In order to prove this type of action the plaintiff would need to establish that he or she is a member of a protected class, was treated less favorably with respect to a specific employment action and other workers who were similarly situated did not suffer the same type of discrimination.

Bringing a Workplace Discrimination Claim in Monmouth County

In general, a workplace discrimination case proceeds in three separate parts when it is considered by a jury.  First, the jury must make a determination whether the plaintiff has established that discrimination existed and or conduct occurred which would give rise to an inference of discrimination.  Second, the jury is instruction that the burden has now been shifted to the defendant to articulate a non-discriminatory legitimate reason for its actions and or employment decision.  Finally, the jury is instructed that if they defendant meets its burden the burden is again shifted back to the plaintiff to show that the employers reason was a “pretext” reason which means that the real reason for any action or decision was discriminatory and the reason given was not the true reason for the employer’s actions.

Discrimination matters occur in a variety of contexts.  The specific factual allegations of the discrimination will have to be put before a Monmouth County jury and the jury will have to make a determination as whether the discrimination occurred and if the plaintiff should be compensated.

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