Meek Mill Released from Prison

April 24, 2018
by We can Help Law

Today, April 24, 2018, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court granted the immediate release of Robert Williams who is internationally known as Meek Mill.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court stated that the Commonwealth, (the prosecutor), announced in open court that Mr. Williams was entitled to post conviction release because there are credibility issues with a police officer who was a critical witness in Mr. Williams’ trial years ago.


Additionally, the prosecutor did not object to immediate bail for Mr. Williams in his matter.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court therefore ordered immediate bail and further stated that bail shall continue until final resolution of any hearings and or appeals in this matter.


In sum, Meek is free.  He was transported from prison to the Philadelphia 76ers playoff game via helicopter.


In the next 60 days, a post-conviction release hearing will occur to determine if the original case, which dates back about 10 years, should be re-opened and re-litigated.  The central issue during the post-conviction release hearings will be the failure of the commonwealth to disclose to the defense at Meek’s original trial that one of the police officers who testified against him was known to have been untruthful during hearings and trials.  Information about a police officer or any witness’s truthfulness, should always be disclosed to a defendant and or his or her attorney.  Because it appears that the officer’s testimony has been sufficiently challenged in other post-conviction relief motions that are similar to Meek’s and those cases have been dismissed, it is likely that Meek’s case will eventually be dismissed as well, and Meek will finally be off of probation.