Filing a Slip and Fall Complaint in Monmouth County

November 13, 2018
by We can Help Law

If an individual is injured in a Monmouth County slip and fall accident, they must start the litigation by filing a complaint in the Superior Court located in Freehold, New Jersey.


A complaint is the initial document that is filed by the lawyer or the individual that sets forth the specific facts and allegations.  In New Jersey, a civil complaint does not require extensive detail regarding the incident however the complaint should include sufficient detail to put the opposing party or parties on notice of what the negligent act alleged is, what date the slip and fall occurred and what damages are generally claimed. The complaint must include additional information as required by statute and must all be filed in accordance with all applicable statutes and rules. Some additional information in the complaint is often included.  Additional information may consist of more specific acts of negligence and how those specific acts of negligence caused the accident.  The complaint may also include what are known as John Doe pleadings.  A John Doe pleading is a fictitious name which can later be replaced with an actual party should the plaintiff become aware that an additional party is responsible for the slip and fall accident.


Monmouth County as well as all of the other counties in New Jersey have began to use e-filing for all complaints and motions.  This means that most of the complaints are scanned and filed electronically on the e-filing docket.  After the complaints are filed, they must be served on all defendants pursuant to the New Jersey rules of court.

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