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Personal Injury Case Essex County NJ help attorneys near meAccidents and severe resulting injuries happen on a regular basis in Essex County municipalities. If you or someone you know is the victim of an accident in Newark or elsewhere in Essex County, call our Essex County attorneys immediately. When someone is injured and another person, company, organization, business, or government entity is to blame, the victim can pursue money damages in a personal injury claim. The attorneys at our NJ personal injury law firm handle accident cases that occur in Newark and throughout Essex County, New Jersey. If you or a loved one suffered harm in a car accident, motorcycle crash, dog attack, transit collision, or slip and fall incident, contact us now for a free case evaluation. You may be eligible for financial recovery.

How Essex County Accidents & Injuries Happen

Essex County, New Jersey is named after Essex County located in East England.  It is one of the most densely populated counties in the state of New Jersey with a population density of about 11,458 people per square mile.  Household income ranges in Essex County vary greatly among its various residents. Newark is the county seat of Essex County. It is also the county’s largest city, home to many large buildings which are home to various corporations. The population of Newark is approximately 277,140. Since Newark is the county seat, the Federal and State Courthouses are both located in downtown Newark. Newark is also home to many universities and post graduate schools including Newark Law School as well as The University of Medicine and Dentistry. It also has a large container terminal called Port Newark Container Terminal and a large international airport.

With so many people and frequently-visited locations in Essex County, it is not surprising that so many accidents happen in the county. Unfortunately, many different types of accidents result in victims being injured. Some of the common reasons for personal injury lawsuits in Essex County include:

Essex County Accident Claims

An accident case that occurs in Essex County will most likely be filed and prosecuted in the Essex County Superior Court.  In order to prove an accident case, the victim will need to show that the accident was the result of another’s tortious conduct, or more specifically, the result of another person or companies negligence or recklessness. In order to prove a negligence case, the plaintiff, or the person who was hurt, will have to show that the individual who caused the accident had some type of duty, breached that duty and as a result of that breach caused the accident which resulted in injury.

For example, in order to prove a car accident case, the injured person would have to show that the other driver had a duty to operate his or vehicle safely, the other driver failed to operate his or her vehicle safely and as a result of this failure to operate his or her vehicle safely an accident occurred and the plaintiff suffered injury which was caused by the accident. This concept can be applied to many other types of accidents as well.

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The attorneys at our New Jersey personal injury firm represent individuals in accident cases throughout the state of New Jersey, including those injured in Newark and other Essex County areas. If you have injuries from an accident in Short Hills, Montclair, Bloomfield, West Orange, Nutley, Livingston, Millburn, Caldwell, or another town in Essex County, our lawyers have what it takes to successfully handle your case.  The attorneys at our firm are able to accommodate those who have been injured in any kind of accident. We are here day or night to answer your questions and discuss your options.   If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident in Essex county, call our experienced personal injury lawyers today or simply click on the chat tab.  One of our attorneys will speak with you as soon as possible.