When an individual is charged with a criminal offense they feel tremendous pressure.  We understand that pressure and our firm will work with you to successfully resolve your criminal matter.  A criminal charge in New Jersey can carry very significant penalties.  A conviction of a third-degree crime carries between three and five years in New Jersey state prison.  A conviction for a second-degree crime carries between five and ten years in a New Jersey state prison.  Finally, a conviction for a first-degree crime carries between ten and twenty years in a New Jersey state prison.  In some circumstances, an individual may face additional penalties depending upon the specific crime they are accused of.


Convictions in the New Jersey Superior Court, Federal Court and or Municipal Court in regards to both criminal and municipal offenses can also result in an individual facing probation, significant fines, licenses suspension and community service.


Regardless of the specific facts and circumstances of your offense, penalties for criminal offenses can have lasting consequences on an individual.


The attorneys at our firm represent individuals who have been charged with a criminal or municipal violation of the law.  Our lawyers represent individuals throughout the state of New Jersey, in the criminal courts in New York City, as well as the Federal District Courts and on appeal in in the Federal Circuit Courts.


Some of the areas of criminal and municipal defense work that our firm handles include:



The attorneys at our firm have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases, tried many jury trials and obtained dismissals and not guilty verdicts throughout the state.


Real Results.

If you face some of the significant penalties that are described above, contact our firm day or night.  Our attorneys have been successful in obtaining the dismissal of very serious criminal charges.   If our attorneys are unable to have a charge dismissed by agreement with the prosecutor or by pretrial motion, our lawyers have successfully tried many felony criminal cases and obtained not guilty verdicts.


Our firm offers a free consultation on all criminal and municipal matters.  If you retain or firm to represent you, our lawyers will aggressively represent your interests in court.  Call us today.  We Can Help.