Asbury Park Slip and Fall Lawyers Asbury Park is a sought-after, resort-like town, frequented by many New Jersey residents and visitors every summer. Located only 50 miles from New York, and being one of the first exits off the New Jersey Garden State Parkway on the way “down the shore,” Asbury Park offers beautiful beaches, […]

As the winter season beings, businesses have a duty to ensure that their outdoor premises are free from snow and ice.  In New Jersey, a business has a non-delegable duty to prevent a dangerous condition from occurring on their premises and adjacent sidewalks.  This includes removing snow and ice which can cause a dangerous condition. […]

A Monmouth County business is required to remove snow and ice from their sidewalk.  The common law in New Jersey states that a commercial business is required to remove snow and ice from their sidewalk as well as remedy any defects which are either known to the business or should have been known to the […]

If an individual is injured in a Monmouth County slip and fall accident, they must start the litigation by filing a complaint in the Superior Court located in Freehold, New Jersey.   A complaint is the initial document that is filed by the lawyer or the individual that sets forth the specific facts and allegations.  […]

Damages in a Monmouth County Slip and Fall accident can include compensatory damages, economic damages and in rare cases punitive damages.   Compensatory Damages   Compensatory damages include damages for pain and suffering, past pain and suffering, future pain and suffering and future losses of mobility, strength or other physical losses and pain that an […]

If the injured person is able to establish that a property owner or another entity is at fault for a slip and fall, the injured person may recover their lost wages from the responsible party.   The law in New Jersey as is the common law in all states, is that a negligence case is […]

Under New Jersey law, the owner of a commercial property has a non-delegable duty to ensure that their property is kept in a safe manner.  Additionally, the property owner must inspect their premises to locate any potentially dangerous conditions.  One dangerous condition that a property owner must prevent from occurring is the accumulation of snow […]

A Slip and Fall accident may be covered by an insurance policy in many circumstances.  Insurance policies exist to insure against claims made for various types of accidents that may occur.  One of those accidents is a slip and fall accident.   Commercial property owners in the state of New Jersey have a non-delegable duty […]

Responsibility, or liability for a slip and fall injury in the state of New Jersey will depend upon the various factual circumstances of the slip and fall.   Slip and Fall on Commercial Property   Under New Jersey law, the owner of a commercial property has a non-delegable duty to maintain their premises in a […]

What to do after a Monmouth County Slip and FallSlip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and can happen for a variety of reasons.  Slip and falls can occur because of a dangerous condition in a parking lot, accumulation of snow and ice or a slippery and wet surface. Slip and fall accidents occur in […]