The responsibly to clear a sidewalk applies to the adjacent building owner in many circumstances.  However, only a commercial building owner is responsible for any injuries that are suffered by someone who slips and falls on an unclear sidewalk that is covered in snow and ice.  Private homeowners can still receive tickets in they violate […]

  In New Jersey, if the sidewalk is abutting a commercial establishment, the owner of the commercial establishment will be responsible for a slip and fall that occurs on a sidewalk due to a dangerous or negligent condition.  Homeowners are generally not responsible to maintain the sidewalks outside of their homes.   New Jersey Sidewalk […]

Do I have a case if I was injured on private property in New Jersey? People are injured virtually every day and the causes of those injuries can vary. Regardless of the cause, most injuries have one thing in common – expenses. Fortunately, obtaining a financial recovery for medical bills, loss of income, and pain […]

NJ Casino Accident Lawyers for the Injured New Jersey, and Atlantic City in particular, is inevitably tied to what it is most famous for: casinos. The draw of New Jersey casinos is clear, as they offer great restaurants, happening nightlife, spas and fitness centers, nearby beaches, and countless other amenities, in addition to the opportunity […]