Preparing to go to trial in a personal injury case takes multiple years and encompasses everything from investigation, discovery, preparation, and presentation.  Experience, diligence, and simply hard work are the keys to success.   Investigation Preparation for trial starts from the very beginning.  Whenever the accident happens critical information may need to be gathered and […]

Handling Insurance Companies in Personal Injury, New Jersey Lawyers Explain Almost all of us carry insurance in some form or another. New Jersey law requires you to carry auto insurance, most mortgages require a homeowner’s insurance policy, and some people even buy umbrella insurance policies to help cover them when their other, primary forms of […]

What is the Difference Between a Settlement and a Verdict in a Personal Injury Case in NJ? Personal injury lawsuits often result from devastating accidents. These accidents and the injuries they cause may arise from debilitating auto collisions, slip and falls at your apartment complex or local grocery store, or even being attacked by a […]

How Pre-Existing Conditions Impact Personal Injury Cases in NJ “It was like that when I found it.” This childhood response to a parent finding a broken object is virtually identical to one of the most commonly invoked defenses in New Jersey personal injury lawsuits. Individuals against whom you bring a personal injury claim will often […]

The litigation process in personal injury cases can be lengthy, due in part to the stage of litigation known as the discovery phase. During this phase, a wide range of information is exchanged between the plaintiff and the defendant. A portion of the discovery phase is devoted to interrogatories. In personal injury lawsuits in New […]