Businesses Have a Duty to Prevent Slip and Fall on Ice Accidents in Monmouth County

January 15, 2019
by We can Help Law

As the winter season beings, businesses have a duty to ensure that their outdoor premises are free from snow and ice.  In New Jersey, a business has a non-delegable duty to prevent a dangerous condition from occurring on their premises and adjacent sidewalks.  This includes removing snow and ice which can cause a dangerous condition.


Under New Jersey law, a business owner has a non-delegable duty to make sure that all of their premises are kept in safe and reasonable manner.  They also have a duty to inspect the premises to discovery any dangerous conditions that may exist.  Non-delegable duty means that regardless of who the property owner hires to perform maintenance or who is renting the premises, the property owner does have a duty to ensure that the premises is kept in a safe manner.  In some circumstances, the tenant or another party may also be responsible for the harm that was caused but that will depend upon the specific facts and circumstances of the slip and fall injury.


Clearing snow and ice is obviously part of the obligations that a property owner or tenant has in regard to their premises.  They also have a duty to prevent snow and ice that has been removed from re-melting and freezing and causing a dangerous condition to reoccur.


Slip and fall on ice matters can result in very serious injuries that can be life changing.  Broken bones and fractures can result.  Serious economic losses including medical bills and economic losses can also occur as a result of a slip and fall on ice injury.  If you or someone you know would like to speak with one of our Monmouth County Slip and Fall on Ice Attorneys call our office or click on the chat tab.  Our Monmouth County Slip and Fall  Attorneys offer a free consultation.