If the automatic braking on a vehicle fails or malfunctions and a car accident results, a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the car may be brought.  Product liability lawsuits are typically brought against the manufacturer and or distributor of a product that was either incorrectly designed or failed to work properly because of […]

In New Jersey, if a person is injured by an exploding vape or a vape that catches on fire, the manufacturer, distributor and or the entity that sold the vape can be held responsible for the products defectiveness under New Jersey law. A vape injury lawsuit is typically filed pursuant to New Jersey’s Product Liability […]

The responsibly to clear a sidewalk applies to the adjacent building owner in many circumstances.  However, only a commercial building owner is responsible for any injuries that are suffered by someone who slips and falls on an unclear sidewalk that is covered in snow and ice.  Private homeowners can still receive tickets in they violate […]

Preparing to go to trial in a personal injury case takes multiple years and encompasses everything from investigation, discovery, preparation, and presentation.  Experience, diligence, and simply hard work are the keys to success.   Investigation Preparation for trial starts from the very beginning.  Whenever the accident happens critical information may need to be gathered and […]

What is the New Jersey Insurance Fair Conduct Act? The New Jersey Insurance Fair Conduct Act is a law that mandates that an insurance company who is providing underinsured or uninsured motorist benefits to an individual who is involved in a motor vehicle accident treat that claimant fairly. As stated above, the insurance fair conduct […]

A premature baby is a baby that is born too early.  This is typically defined in the medical community as a baby that is born before 37 weeks. Babies who are born prematurely may need medical care and may spend time in the NICU or neonatal intensive care unit.  Sometimes babies who are born prematurely […]

The lawyers at WeCanHelp.law are aggressive award-winning trial attorneys who vigorously fight for their clients. The firm has recovered millions and millions of dollars for those who have suffered Personal injuries through the negligent and reckless actions of others. The lawyers at WeCanHelp.law have been honored for their accomplishments by Superlawyers and the National Trial […]

When an individual falls on an icy surface they can become seriously injured.  Each year slip and fall accidents on icy surfaces lead to serious injuries.  Slip and falls on icy surfaces can even lead to death in certain circumstances.  Depending upon the specific facts and circumstances, a slip and fall on ice may be […]

  In New Jersey, if the sidewalk is abutting a commercial establishment, the owner of the commercial establishment will be responsible for a slip and fall that occurs on a sidewalk due to a dangerous or negligent condition.  Homeowners are generally not responsible to maintain the sidewalks outside of their homes.   New Jersey Sidewalk […]

Since March of this year, the economy of New Jersey has been shut down.  Citizens of our state have been under strict stay at home orders.  Stay at home orders have decreased the number of motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey over the past several weeks.  However, it is likely that the number of motor […]